If you are eligible for help paying for your health insurance then going on exchange for your coverage is the best way to go.  Right now in Mississippi there are 3 carriers to get coverage through:

  1. Ambetter by Magnolia Health Plan
  2. United Healthcare
  3. Humana
  4. Assurant (will be available in 2016 with a possibility of other companies as well.)
Supplemental Carriers

Health insurance is vital to have but supplemental coverage is just as vital.   If you are laid up in a hospital and can’t work then who pays you?  We can help protect what you have worked hard for your whole life.   Over 1 million bankruptcies are filed each year because of medical.   Over 75% of those have great health insurance.  Why does this happen?  Deductibles, co-insurance, co-pays and even more costly than those….loss of income.  Don’t be one of these statistics.

Coverages provided through:

  1. Assurity ( Lump sum benefits for critical illness/cancer as well as disability income)
  2. Central United Life/Manhattan Insurance Group  (hospital indemnity and accident coverage to leave little or no cost on a hospitalization)
Life Carriers

Do you know if you are covered enough so that your family can go on living if something happens to you?  We all know our date of birth.  But do you know your date of death?   It’s something we don’t want to think about or deal with, but the reality is that 80% who currently have coverage are underinsured and think they are fully insured.  A free no obligation analysis will let you know how much you are, if any, underinsured.

  1. Foresters
  2. Illinois Mutual
  3. North American Life

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